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Mindfulness for Fatigue

I am very pleased to announce that my new course, Mindfulness for Fatigue, is now live and is available on the Udemy platform.

This course is not just for people who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but for anyone who suffers from chronic fatigue, whatever the cause.

In this course, I go through some meditation techniques that are specifically designed to help with energy levels, and also to relax and promote good quality sleep. I also look at ways that you can introduce mindfulness into your every day life, whatever you are doing, and wherever you are.

Mindfulness techniques are a very important part of managing chronic fatigue symptoms, as they not only help you to relax, but can also alleviate the depression that comes along with fatigue, and help you to manage symptoms.

Being mindful means being aware of yourself in the present moment. When we suffer from depression, we are usually living in the past, and when we suffer from anxiety, we are usually living in a perceived future. Meditation and mindfulness help to alleviate both of these by bringing us into the present moment - and the more you practise this, the more you will be able to apply it to every day life.

Another problem with chronic fatigue is that we are often not getting enough good quality sleep. Certain meditation techniques can really help with this, and so I have also included some specific meditations to help you to relax in the evening, and even replace lost sleep.

You can access the course HERE

And if you know of anyone who you think might benefit from this course, please share this post, or the Udemy page - thank you.

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