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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Brain - a New Study

There has been some research recently into the links between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and the function of the brain.  Sites and apps such as Curable have proved highly successful in relieving symptoms by ‘re-training’ the brain for pain and other disorders such as CFS.  I myself have found Curable to have worked very successfully in improving the CFS linked Fibromyalgia that I  had been experiencing over the last few years.

However, even more scientific confirmation of the link between CFS and the brain has come to light recently.  An article in the Guardian last week (21st February 2024) describes the recent findings of a scientific study into brain imbalances that cause CFS, triggered by abnormalities in the immune system.

As far as I can see from this report, this really does go a long way to prove the theories held by sites like Curable, that the brain is reacting to an overactive and sensitive immune system by trying to ‘protect’ the individual from over-exertion by causing fatigue and/or pain.  The scientific study states that ‘fatigue in ME/CFS could be caused by a dysfunction of brain regions that drive the motor cortex and that changes in the brain may alter patient’s tolerance for exertion and their perception of fatigue.’

The article is very clear in pointing out that this is not a psychological problem, and that patients don’t have any control over it.  It is a physiological problem of the brain that affects motor function.

That being said, I do believe that while we may have had no control over how this disease devloped, we do have control over improving our symptoms and recovering from CFS.  Knowledge is power.  Sites like Curable are therefore extremely important in finding ways to rebalance brain function and feel well again.

I think that the ME/CFS community as a whole will certainly welcome the results of this research – and I hope that this post will bring some welcome news to those still struggling with this disease.



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