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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery

After my own 90% recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, I decided to write a programme to help other people to recover, using the strategies that have helped me most of all. Further below there is a link to get this course for 10% of its usual price.

This is a holistic course, looking at all elements of health: pacing, rest, sleep, diet and exercise, as well as looking at your lifestyle, support strategies, work and leisure.

At present, the course is only available at Udemy (new platforms will be announced soon), and usually costs £199.99 (unless Udemy has its own sale).

However, from now until 20th February 2021, you can get my course for just £19.99, using the following link:

Have a look! At present it has 5 star ratings - and you can preview a few of the lectures before you buy.

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